We present our first game!

Our brave heroes are risking it all raiding gigantic castles looking for gold, fame and maybe some fishbones. With your help they'll be able o face terrible traps and treacherous platforms to get the loot. Find powerful, old and, honestly, ridiculous relics of power and complete collections to unlock new heroes.

Meet the heroes!

Sir Tabby d'Orange

Appointed knight of the paw by queen Camila of Siamesia, Sir Tabby roams the world armed with his loyal sword and resilient shield, aiming at proving his honor and bravery as a knight, hoping someday his name will be known enough as to allow him to participate in the famous Sacred Ball of Yarn tourney.

Purple Purbledore

Purple Purbledore is a catmancer master of the magical arts. His insatiable thirst for knowledge takes him to the most distant and dangerous places of the world, where the most powerful artifacts can be found. A long time ago, Purpledore used his paw-staff to curse his evil brother Julius, turning him into a frog.

Soon you'll meet many more!

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